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From General Motors South Africa

8 July 2004


Up front let me revert to a still famous quote "Who dares, Wins."

Well we dared and we might have had an element of luck with the weather, but we certainly did win.

The project was ambitious, but with the support, understanding and absolute professionalism from your team, we created an event that will long be remembered by all our customer groups, as the Biggest and Best ever.

The new Isuzu KB got the best send off we could have hoped for. Words do not correctly describe the experience all our customers enjoyed. You and your team touched their hearts in many ways.

Please pass on to your team, GMSA's thanks and appreciation for their sterling efforts.

A fantastic event, well planned and expertly executed under very difficult conditions.

It will be a pleasure to do business with your organisation again some time in the future.

Kind regards



From Shongweni Resources Reserve


Re: Indaba 2000

Just a brief note to thank and congratulate your team on hosting a very professional and amazing Safari at Shongweni Reserve during Indaba 2002. Not only were the staff here impressed with the quality and luxury of the camp but also the feedback we got from the guests echoed these sentiments.

We conducted an impact survey in the area after you had left and as you had predicted we found nothing to fault except for 2 cigarette butts. Considering we had two hundred and twenty people through the camp over the 3 days I think this is testament to your policy of leaving the reserve as you found it. We also found that the game that had moved out of the area returned within a day or two so even the amount of extra traffic had little effect in the Reserve.

I look forward to meeting you and Peter again and we would be happy to host you and your team on any future Hayward's Safaris you would like to hold at Shongweni. The exposure and awareness to our Reserve has been greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely

From North West Parks & Tourism Board

18 February 2003


This letter serves to confirm that Haywards Safaris have operated in Pilanesberg National Park on two separate occasions in the past year.

On both occasions, we found the company absolutely professional and have enjoyed an excellent relationship with personnel involved in the site evaluation, camp construction, delivery and service supply. They proved to be eager to embrace the Pilanesberg Tourism and Management objectives and worked comfortably within the parameters set to them. The company was able to efficiently key in to existing concessionaire activities and as such enjoyed support from all quarters.

Their attention to detail and painstaking efforts to ensure that their activities did not disturb the environment is commendable. Both locations were left as they were found with flattened grass the only evidence that there had been a camp on the site.

This product has allowed Pilanesberg to generate additional income through opportunistically utilising areas which are not suitable for long term or high impact development.

We look forward to many more Haywards Safaris in Pilanesberg and have no hesitation in recommending their product to other conservation agencies and protected areas.

Gus van Dyk
Tourism Manager - Pilanesberg

From Riverside Farm

27 March 2002


I wish to record my appreciation for the manner in which your team operated with regards to the environmental sensitivities while visiting our game camp.

It really was a pleasure and a privilege to have you here. 

You and your team left proof that the environment is also your concern. All your actions and activities respected nature and all its concerns which proves that you are dedicated to conserving the environment.

After you and your team left, it was as if nobody had been there. There was no impact on the environment at all. 

I look forward to work with you and your company again. I would not hesitate to recommend your operation to other conservation authorities.

Yours sincerely

From South African National Parks

8 July 2002


Hayward's Luxury Mobile Safaris set up tented camps and utilised the West Coast National Park during March 2001. Being a national park, the area is subject to controls regarding entrance, activities and developments.

From before and during the activity Hayward's communicated their intentions very well and conformed to all agreements and rules as set out by the park. Their appreciation for nature and general co-operation was outstanding. After the camp had been completed the area had been cleaned exceptionally well and no impact to date is visible on the site used.

I therefore have no hesitation in recommending Hayward's to all other conservation agencies.

Yours faithfully

From St. Lucia Leisure cc



This letter serves to confirm that Shaka Barker Tours/St Lucia Leisure has been associated with Hayward's Luxury Safari Events and Expeditions since May 2000.

During the period of our association we have provided group tours and game drives as well as entertainment services to Hayward's on numerous occasions when they have brought big group safaris into the St Lucia Wetlands Reserve.

As a concessionary in the Wetlands Park, it has been in my interests to protect the sanctity of this World Heritage Site and as such I have inspected the operations of Hayward's on every occasion that they have conducted safaris into the reserve.

They have clearly shown their commitment to protecting the environment, conservation and employment for the local community. In my opinion they operate in a truly professional manner. I have had occasion to visit the sites they utilise within the Wetlands Reserve both prior to their arrival and after their departure and the impact on the ground is minimal.

Yours faifhfully

From Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Directorate Parks and Wildlife Management, Namibia

6 August 2004


On the 27th of July 2004 our office conducted an audit of your clean-up operation after your substantial presence and launch for GM South Africa in the Khan River and environs. Two independent observers accompanied us.

We examined the site of the launch, the area where your staff was accommodated, the access routes and the area around the Khan mine where some vehicle testing was done.

Our office is pleased to announce that we are very satisfied with the state in which you left the areas you utilized. Had I not known exactly where you had your camps in the Khan River I would not have known where to look for the impacts. Considering the magnitude of your operation we can only commend you on the attention to detail you and your staff must have invested in returning the site to its natural "pristine" condition.

We would have no hesitation in recommending you for further "events" in our area. We also appreciate your efforts in improving the aesthetic condition of the deserted buildings at the historic Khan mine site.

We are trying to promote the sustainable use of our desert areas in a desperate attempt to control the increasing mining activity. In establishing that your type of land-use brings in financial benefits without compromising the environment for other forms of land-use, and contributes to the well being of the local coastal community, we have come a long way to proving our case with our mining critics and the government of Namibia.

R. Braby 
Chief Warden 
Erongo Region

From Ecoguide cc

30 July 2004


On 27 July 2004 I visited the sites that you occupied during the General Motors Launch of their Isuzu products in June. Mr. Rod Braby, Chief Warden of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism accompanied me.

He and I examined the site where your staff was accommodated, the site where the main events took place and where the guests were accommodated. We also checked the entry and exit points to these sites in the Kahn River of the Namib Desert.

In my opinion, the traces left by you and your staff are of no consequence to the natural environment. The strong desert winds, which are typical during this time of year, have scoured and covered virtually all vehicle tracks in the area. Moreover, if I had not witnessed in detail the magnitude of your operation in the Kahn River, I would pass by these sites without knowing that such an event took place. Furthermore, a future flood in this river, which is bound to occur sooner or later, will totally remove any evidence of your temporary presence.

I can add that I was impressed by the improvements, which you brought about to the old Kahn copper mine en route to your sites. The large-scale removal of recent litter and the painting over of graffiti created by vandals on the walls of the old buildings have been skillfully undertaken by your team. I regard this as an indication of your concern for the aesthetic environment, which pervades this area.
Additionally, the sheer scale of your operation resulted in significant financial benefit to a wide spectrum of the local economy, ranging from sub-contractors to temporary employment of local Namibians.

Allow me to express my satisfaction with the manner in which you conducted the entire operation. Your sensitivity towards the natural beauty of the desert and your ability to remove virtually all traces of human occupation are much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,
H.H. Berry

Dr. H.H. Berry, B.Sc. (Hons.), M.Sc., Ph.D. 
Retired Chief Conservation Scientist Namibian Academy of Tourism & Hospitality 
(Certified Specialist Tour Guide)

From Gametrackers Bop (Pty) Ltd

26th March 2002


This serves to certify that we, in the past, have authorised Peter Hayward from Hayward's Luxury Mobile Safari Camps, to erect his camp in Letsatsing Game Park. Letsatsing is situated adjacent to the Pilanesberg National Park and the Sun City Resort.

Hayward's Luxury Mobile Safari Camps have consistently conducted themselves in a truly professional manner and are extremely sensitive to the eco-system. Their products have always been located in areas where minimal impact to the natural environment is experienced; on the dismantling of their product, a concerted effort is made by the Hayward team to ensure that the area is reclaimed to its natural state.

We sincerely believe that Hayward's Luxury Mobile Safari Camps are eco-conscious and would therefore have no hesitation in utilising their products in the future and further recommending their product and services to any interested parties.

Should you require any further details, please do not hesitate to contact me accordingly.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. J. Turnbull-Kemp
Managing Director

From Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife

5 March 2002


I wish to record my appreciation for the manner in which your team operate with regards to the environmental sensitivities while visiting our park. As you know the Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park was declared a World Heritage Site in December 1999. Because of this the area which you use is subject to stringent environmental controls regarding any activities or developments that take place in the area.

You and your team have proved during your visits that you are fully appreciative of the the environmental constraints. Your efforts and co-operation in this regard is outstanding and as the Park Manager I would like to commend you on this.

Your last visit where you brought in a large number of guests is once again proof of your environmental sensitivity and dedication. During the post camp inspection it was clear that no impact had taken place and I feel that your environmental controls are more than adequate.

I look forward to working with you and your company again and would not hesitate to recommend your operation to other conservation authorities.

Yours sincerely,
D.J. Rossouw
Officer in Charge Eastern Shores St. Lucia


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