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Before you think of taking the images or text on this website to use on another site kindly read the text below:

A user copying text or pictures from this web site and then posting the material among the user's own web pages is infringing our copyright. Even if the user makes some changes before posting the material, the act of posting is copyright infringement.

Aside from legal implications of copyright infringement, reposting of material from other web sites can be an inconvenience to other users. The author may revise the original document frequently, but copies posted by other users will not be revised (indeed, the author may not know of the existence of these copies). The easiest way for everyone on the Internet to have the freshest information is to have only the author post the document. Other people can post a hypertext link to the author's document, to refer their readers to the most recent version of the document at the author's site.

Copying illustrations or diagrams or photographs (e.g., scanning a printed image or copying a GIF or JPEG file) always requires permission of the copyright owner.

Posting a document on the world wide web is a "public display" of the work, which is among the rights exclusively reserved to the owner of the copyrighted work.

The law requires that the author of a web site, book, etc. ask permission of the copyright owner before displaying any copyrighted work. The burden is on the copier to ask permission. It is not the duty of the copyright owner to cruise the Internet and ask authors to stop infringing a copyright. In fact, the copyright owner will file copyright infringement litigation immediately on discovering the unauthorized use of copyrighted material.

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