"The guy who dreamed this concept up and got it onto the ground needs a big pat on the back - well oiled operation = great ratings!" ~ Allan Salkinder Kirsh Indusries
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This section contains pictures selected from many safaris that we have have run over many years.

They have been conveniently categorized.

Select the category from the menu below.

  1. Hayward's Accommodation Tents

  2. Activities at Hayward's

  3. Hayward's Crew

  4. Hayward's Evening Entertainment

  5. Hayward's Executive Revitalization Centre

  6. Hayward's Gin Tent Dining

  7. Guests Arrival in Hayward's Camp

  8. Guests on Route to Hayward's

  9. Hayward's History

  10. Hayward's on the Move

  11. Hayward's Wilderness Fayre



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