"This was an experience I will never forget. I felt like a queen in the middle of Africa. Keep up the excellent work. Thanks to you all ~ Yolandie de Jongh - Adfinen


Press Release

20 April 2001

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Exclusive Safaris into World Heritage Sites



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Hayward's Luxury Mobile Safari Camps is honoured to be able to offer our agents and their clients exclusive arrangements in some of Africa's most sought after regions - and what's more, they probably represent some of the world's most affordable exotic safaris into World Heritage/National Heritage sites!

Don't think less of it because it's "not in deepest darkest Africa".

I've learnt that to arrange an incredible safari does not mean one has to travel thousands of kilometres into the hinterland.

...where we set up our magnificent camp in the heart of the African Bush...For instance where else can you experience 30'000 acres of wilderness, where life on this planet first sparked, where man first walked and where the Iron Age first began - a mere 40 kilometres from Johannesburg!

What other safari destination in Africa can offer your clients (within one day) incredible open vehicle Big 5 sightings, a fresh water lake cruise into camp across 350'000 hectares of water abounding with hippo, crocodile, shark and hundreds of bird species? Then, even more exclusive - a campsite set amid the big 4 (no lion) and a coastal beach uninterrupted for 200 kilometres where by just sitting on a dune (one of 5 Eco- systems in the reserve) one can observe whales, dolphins, sea turtles? Bored? - take a ski boat and fish for blue marlin - or just interact with the people of one of the world's last great kingdoms - a mere 200 kilometres north of Durban?

Where else (within a 2 hour drive of a great city such as Johannesburg) can one expose one's clients to he beat of a 65'000 hectare African game park where we set up our magnificent camp in the heart of the African Bush - surrounded by an ancient volcanic crater? A place like no other, where guests can eventually "discover" a Lost City after experiencing an explorative safari amidst the big 5 for two or three days?

Let's not discount the safari experience the West Coast of the Cape offers. Aha I hear you say - "but there's is no big 5...."

Building campWell, how about a safari experience set amongst 3'500 plant species - carpeted with flowers in spring, stunted bush like trees some hundreds of years old not unlike natural bonsai? Set on a coast that makes the spine tingle with its aura of desolation, where 117'000 year old footprints of man lie encased in bed rock and the world's biggest most profound fossil site beckons scientists from around the world. A unique nature's own botanical garden!

With a myriad of World Heritage sites all over southern Africa, Hayward's is exceptionally well placed to create exclusive safaris for those groups wishing to capture a bygone era and the true African spirit.

See you on safari


Peter Hayward



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