"Attention to “old world” camp detail and core for the entertainment – pure rating numbers do not do justice to this experience. ABSOLUTELY MAGINIFICENT – WELL DONE KEEP IT UP - KM Woolworths


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25 June 2001

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Expedition to find the palace of the great lost city of Africa

Africa's most profound big group safari is now available in the Pilanesberg National Park!

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Hayward's Luxury Mobile Safari Camp has been officially permitted to set up its authentic safari camp in the Pilanesberg National Park, 200 kilometres north west of Johannesburg, South Africa!

"This is a major breakthrough in our quest to provide the incentive and group conference industries with a truly unique safari experience," said a jubilant Peter Hayward, proprietor of Hayward's. "Groups can expect a Hayward's Safari Camp that is beyond one's imagination, evenings overflowing with opulent entertainment and magnificent bush dining experiences - days filled with relaxed game viewing excursions, guided walks and decadent aromatherapy in our infamous Hayward's Executive Revitalisation Centre," he said.

East Coast fish fayre at Hayward'sHayward's offers groups a truly authentic African Safari experience and working in combination with classic organisations such as Rovos Rail, Historic Flights, Game Trackers and the Palace of the Lost City the entire experience offers incentive houses and DMC's an incredible and reliable up market alternative.

This opens the book on a new chapter for big group adventures. After a couple of pampered nights at Hayward's and experiencing the wonders of the rugged Big 5 wilderness of Pilanesberg National Park, adventurers can set forth to find the Lost City, where a few further indulgent days can be spent in conference or around its crystal clear pools, world class golf courses and a variety of dining experiences to guarantee what must be "Africa's most decadent safari experience"…

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