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Press Release

30 January 2002

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Nelson Mandela's opening of his Centre for Reconciliation

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2001 saw Haywards Luxury Safari Events & Expeditions provide spectacular safari experiences for a string of international corporates demanding something totally different.

The year ended on a real high note as we were commissioned by a leading international businessman to provide our original safari camp concept for Nelson Mandela's opening of his Centre for Reconciliation - deep in the Waterberg Mountains of the Northern Province of South Africa.

With 80 Miss World's in tow and a further 120 international business tycoons, the stage was set for a safari of dynamic proportions! Featured artists included Abigail Kubeka, PJ Powers and the Umojo Dancers. It was truly an honour being in the presence of Madiba and his most personal friends and family.

"This has been the highlight of South Africa" - Miss USAThe Miss World contestants added breathtaking colour and energy to the safari - breathtaking especially for my staff and I who stood our ground in true gentlemanly Big 5 fashion! Comments from the girls were great - from "This has been the highlight of South Africa" -Miss USA - to "The time spent here belongs to the most beautiful experience of my life" - Miss Czech Republic.

Unfortunately we never got to do the Nedbank Golf Challenge at Sun City due to this overlap - which was I suppose fortuitous as some other hapless "safari camper" who apparently did go off and attempt this, spent days in the mud and grime of a washed out golf event, unprepared for the elements of Africa and irritating countless VIP guests! One thing's for sure, there is no such thing as an "easy good old safari".

Next week we head into the wilderness region of Kwa Zulu Natal to present what is to date our biggest ever Big 5 safari - a 3 day corporate team challenge for 200 delegates !

It has taken years to respectfully build an organisation that can take on this sort of expedition and handle it professionally. We estimate well over 150 tons of equipment will be moved into the area to create a safari event of these proportions.

I look forward to once again providing you and your colleagues, associates and clients with a truly unique African safari experience - anywhere in southern Africa. We have a host of great new safari concepts and destinations - guaranteed original, authentic and 5 star!

Have a great year!

Peter Hayward
Chief Executive
Hayward's Luxury Safari Events & Expeditions
Tel:- +27 (0)861 732 583 Johannesburg South Africa



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