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Press Release

30 January 2002

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Hayward's African Eclipse Safari

 Eclipse Over the Ivory Trail - A Safari of the Senses

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Early in the morning on 4 December 2002 (one year from today!) the shadow of the moon, racing across the valley at seventeen hundred kilometres an hour, will engulf the Place of the Great Baobab.

Sheer safari indulgence as only Hayward's delivers it, including spa, massage and aromatherapy in the executive revitalisation centre for up to 120 guests - the safari can be configured ideally for a single private group!

Thousand-year-old baobab trees of huge girth stand sentinel over the wild bush country of the Limpopo River Valley in the extreme north-east of South Africa.

Around one of these giants, under a canopy of marula trees - on whose sweet fruit in summer the elephants gorge and grow tipsy when their feast ferments - a very special safari site has been earmarked for an extraordinary occasion - for a once-in-375-years occasion.

That's the average time that it takes for a total eclipse of the sun to pass over the same spot on the earth twice.

In an instant, day will turn to eerie night, softened by the ethereal glow of the solar corona radiating in pearly splendour around the black outline of the moon.

It is a sublime moment, imprinting itself on the heart of those who are fortunate enough to stand in awe before it.

To witness this celestial showpiece in this hauntingly beautiful place among the wild creatures of Africa is to be doubly privileged.

This rare experience awaits you in a vast nature reserve in the Northern Province of South Africa, where luxury safari operator Peter Hayward will create a safari of supreme proportions for a lucky group!

The renowned Hayward's safari, complete to the smallest detail with its lavish appointments and service trimmings of a bygone era, will be set up in this outstanding location to await the second total solar eclipse of the millennium.

Being a guest at Hayward's is to experience safari life on the grand scale, as it was for the rich and famous who answered the adventure call of Africa in such splendid style at the turn of the century. This is the classic safari of yesteryear - opulent, elegant, exclusive; a privileged and pampered world of comfort, superb service and fine food.

A highly individualistic three-day programme has been devised to afford guests the best possible eclipse viewing, to give them a personal introduction to the land and its people and wildlife, and to send them home informed, inspired and enriched by their African adventure.

This is big game country. Wildlife includes elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhino and a wide range of antelope. The reserve is the site of important recent findings of fascinating San (bushman) rock-art, reckoned to be thousands of years old. As early as 200 AD Bantu-speaking farmers moved across the Limpopo River and settled in this region, displacing the San hunter-gatherers. Artifacts from their villages and trading posts can still be uncovered today, only a kilometre from the Hayward's safari site.

If you are tempted to join us at the Place of the Great Baobab for Eclipse 2002, and would like to know more, please contact:

Peter Hayward Hayward's Luxury Safaris
+27 (0)861 732 583



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