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Press Release

30 May 2003

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A whale of a Safari -
A whale of a Time


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Having just returned from an incredible safari in the Greater St Lucia Wetland Reserve, where we spoilt 30 international executives, I can safely state that this has to be one of the world's most privileged safaris.

Boredom is not an option! What with meeting Zulu's, chasing huge whales, fishing for marlin, horse trailing amongst the herds, guided walks with Park Rangers and kayaking with hippos and crocs, it is a big, very big, African safari experience. What's more, this safari is in a MALARIA FREE region!

From the end of May, every year, one of earth's furtherest marine migrations reaches the East Coast of Africa. But, this event co-incides with various other Indian Ocean events. Once all these events culminate, the most remarkable marine spectacular is witnessed, by all.

A visit to the East Coast of South Africa during June to September, will make you a spectator to the presence of tens of thousands of sea birds, enormous pods of whales and dolphin, countless numbers of game fish and massive shoals of sardines. It is the sardines that these marine inhabitants are gorging themselves on. Millions get consumed and netted, but millions more spawn successfully.

The Whales are Humpback Whales and after gorging on sardines, they continue northwards. Eventually, passing St. Lucia in their thousands, but their imminent arrival is marked by the presence of millions upon millions of sardines and seabirds, which gather in the Port St. Johns (lower East Coast) area and move northwards (stopping near Durban). This northerly direction allows the sardines to feed on the huge plankton blooms that occur during the winter months. Then after the whales have feasted on these enormous sardine shoals they move north past St. Lucia onwards to the warm tropical waters.

These sardines become a ready source of food, which gives the whales an extra boost of energy on their long haul to the Tropics. Interestingly, the whole whale population moves north, sub-adults, males and females. This is to get away from the icy South Pole conditions and the expanding winter ice sheet.

When the Whales reach the tropics, the pregnant females calf and mate in the warm tropical waters between Madagascar and the East Coast of Africa. The warm tropical waters are beneficial to the young whales, which have little protection from the icy polar waters. However, when the whale calves return to the South Pole to feed on the huge shoals of krill, they have trebled in weigh. This weigh is gained from their mothers rich milk and is in the form of a thick layer of blubber, which protects them from the icy polar waters.

So to be a witness to this spectacular event, a visit to St. Lucia between the end of May and October, will make you a witness to some of the best whale watching in the World !!! (Information on whales supplied by K. Barker.)

And here is a package you cannot refuse!!!

with Hayward's Luxury Safari Events & Expeditions.


Into the World Heritage Site of the Greater St Lucia Wetland Reserve.


  • Meet & Greet service at Richards Bay Airport!
  • Luggage transfer from Richards Bay Airport to Camp and back!
  • An exclusivity on over 350'000 hectares of World Heritage Site!
  • A magnificent Marine Reserve abounding with whales, dolphins and endless snow white beaches!
  • The unique Hayward's Luxury Safari Tented camp in Out of Africa style and decadence!
  • Twin bed shared tented accommodation with hot En suite showers!
  • 3 gastronomic meals per day including theme evenings each night and a final 8 course gala banquet silver service dinner!
  • 3 teas daily - fruit juices filter coffee and safari homebake!
  • 1 X Sundowner and snacks on the viewing deck each evening!
  • After dinner port and ten year old brandies!
  • In camp / on beach Butler service!
  • In camp services of our resident fully qualified Marine Biologist including a guided 5 eco system game drive!
  • Fully serviced aroma therapy centre!
  • In camp archery!
  • Guided walks with qualified Zulu Park rangers!
  • Guided horse trails into the Big 4 reserve!
  • Guided Kayaking on the great lakes of St Lucia or Bangazi!
  • Use of our Indaba Tent or Games Room tent seating 120!
  • A Outdoor intervention - the "Task Force Challenge" run by the renowned POWER OF ONE TEAM!

How Much for all of the above at The World's Most Luxurious Mobile Safari Lodge?

  • R3'993.00 Per person sharing/night !!!
  • To qualify for this rate groups size must be a minimum of 80 delegates and a maximum of 120 delegates and the offer must be taken up during the whale Season from May 2003 - August 2003.
  • 50% surcharge for Singles.
  • Price excludes VAT and air/ ground transfers to and from Airport.
  • Registered Agents welcome.
  • A huge selection of add on extra activities to make this the most memorable event ever!
  • Surcharges may apply for groups of less than 40 and on one night stays only.

P.S. Your safari directly supports eco tourism in the region and plays an important role in the preservation of our natural resources & heritage.

Telephone VICCI or SANET at Johannesburg +27 (0)861 732 583.



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