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January 2004

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Kick off the year with a CITY SLICKERS "catch a wake-up" program, complete with cowboys, horses, cattle, wildlife, caves, rivers and ancient tribal folklore, right here in the Cradle of Humankind (WORLD HERITAGE SITE) where it all began 1.5 million years ago...talk about "back to basics !" We don't mess around. 

Our POWER OF ONE TEAM ADVENTURE CHALLENGE introduces your groups to SURVIVAL and what it really means to make it go right back in the office - from Palaeo-Anthropologists to a life changing intervention with Paul Myburgh, San Bushman healer, to specialist "Productivity Know How" facilitators - all less than 30 minutes from Johannesburg!

OR JOIN Hayward's FROM APRIL TO JULY 2004 and WELCOME THE WHALES ON THE WARM KWA ZULU EAST COAST OF SOUTH AFRICA - the Greater St Lucia Wetland Reserve...an ideal venue for an incredible big group safari - action packed with all types of activities from whale watching to big game fishing, horse trails amongst elephant, rhino, buffalo ....kayaking the great lakes, 4x4 guided game drives - truly one of the world's most exceptional wilderness experiences.

When the cold African winter slowly ends during AUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2004, Hayward's head for the KRUGER NATIONAL PARK with its warm lowveld breezes and incredible BIG 5 sightings. Encamped within the reserve deep inside the bush, this is the ultimate authentic wilderness safari. Days are spent on guided walks, game drives and various sight seeing excursions to Iron Age Villages and old game trails.

The above ideas are all tried and tested and we have hundreds of letters of commendation from top international corporates and participants. 

We can take you where you want to go - anywhere in southern Africa. 

With HAYWARD'S it is never the bed you buy... it's the experience you never forget!

We look forward to being of real safari experience to you. 

Peter Hayward
Johannesburg South Africa



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