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March 12,  2004

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Le Grande Safari...

“Few will deny that to wander through fairy-land of sport, among the independent denizens of the wide wilderness, - realising, as it were, a new and fabled creation amid scenes never before paced by civilized foot, - is in itself so truly spirit-stirring and romantic, that in spite of the many hardships and privations which are inseparable from a campaign directed against ferae naturae, the witchcraft of the desert must prove irresistible. 

- Major Sir William Cornwallis- Harris 1836.

The Land Rovers bump and grind over the hard, red earth of the narrow rutted track winding higher and higher over the sweeping, rugged grassland of the Kromdraai conservancy. A kudu, merged into the patchwork of shadows and crevices under the deepening shade of an Acacia stills her browsing and watches the intrusive procession.

We crest the hill. Below, to the right, through the veldt on the lip of a serrated, rolling valley, a cluster of tents. Then you sense it. You sense it in the breeze and the silence - the primitive, mysterious allure of an African campsite; a ‘sacred’ place isolated from the intrusions shrink-wrapped tourism. This, you feel is different. Old Hollywood in its brash, extravagant heyday would have set up a camp like this for Katherine Hepburn on location in East Africa. This is unique. This is special.

The motors cut. Footsteps crunch over the pebbles and stubble grass of a clearing encircled by flaming bamboo torches. Attendants robed in flowing white ‘kurtas’ crossed from the shoulder with red sashes meet the guests with trays of chilled refreshments. A man in khaki and a pith helmet reaches for your bag. ‘Hello,’ he says smiling widely and warmly, ‘I am Ian. Welcome to Hayward’s Luxury Safaris.’

‘Gin’ tents – linked double-lined marquees - conceal the kitchen, silver decked linen tables and candelabras, and an earth-embanked stage for entertainment. The fading sun silhouettes the smaller ‘cottage accommodation’ tents as Ian leads the way down steps formed by natural rock formations. Outside each tent, discrete and irregularly spaced for privacy, is a flickering paraffin lamp; inside a hissing Coleman, twin beds and an adjoining shower and toilet.

‘A luxury mobile Safari,’ Peter Hayward, the owner explains, ‘is for people who are tired of hotels but who want similar comforts; but comfort in remote, secluded and interesting places. Our clients can choose where they want to go and we will set up our tents, hot showers, soft beds and candelabras, serve you a seven course meal and entertain you. We access top musicians or motivational speakers and can mobilise for groups of 40 to 70 people in 36 hours.’

Hayward has formed an association with Rovos Rail for the corporate market. ‘You can Rovos rail across Africa into the waiting arms of the Grande Safari Mistress. Our luxury safari camp has to be one of the last great African safari experiences left on this planet.’

Wish to plan this incredible safari?

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