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March 2004

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A Rare Safari Season 
in The Sun


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A warm African spring greeting to you.

When it comes to choosing a Unique African wilderness experience for your VIP groups, an experience where there is a 98% chance they have never done anything quite like it...then a HAYWARD's Luxury Tented Camp Safari has to be something every man and woman dreams of. 

We have all enjoyed lodges and hotels as the guests of these fine establishments. But very few - a privileged few - have had the opportunity to actually plan and create the perfect dream safari. 

This is NOT CAMPING - camping is for people who cannot afford hotels - a Hayward's Luxury Safari is for those who are bored with hotels. Imagine...in the grand old tradition of classic safaris, a tented facility with 60 twin bed tents (120 beds) - each one en-suite, providing hot showers, toilets and all the safari essentials needed to make your stay extremely comfortable. Our team of Safari Stewards are on hand at all hours to escort you between the Dining tent, Safari Salon and your cool bedroom - ensuring showers are hot and food and drinks perfectly served.

HAYWARD's, South Africa's premier luxury mobile safari operation, provides over 300 tons of authentic safari gear, 3 days before your arrival to ensure every last detail is precisely how you imagined it. Our expert guides, from Marine Biologists to able Doctorates in Archaeology, Paleontology, Zoology etc....are on hand to enthrall you with their passion of subject. It's a huge effort with no detail spared. Its especially done just for you. A moment in time - never to be repeated again.

When the experience (from game drives to game capture with scientific teams - whale watching, fly fishing, marlin fishing, horse trailing, team building)....the list of activities and entertainment is endless (hey, its your safari - what do you want to do?!) is over, we pack it all up, clean the site right down to the last matchstick and head off home.

This is a rare experience that only 10 groups a year will enjoy - somewhere within one of the exclusive wildlife reserves we offer.

Its your choice, but we suggest you CHARTER US TO FOLLOW THE SUN! Isn't it great to know that safaris of this dynamic are not reserved exclusively for the Hemmingway's of this world ? 

Contact Vicci
Haywards Luxury Safari Events and Expeditions
HEAD OFFICE - Johannesburg South Africa
+27 (0)861 732 583



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