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1 July 2004

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Hayward’s Grand Safari
Returns Triumphant from the Namib Desert


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It is being brandished about by the press as the greatest ever 4x4 launch attended.

Set 80 kms from Swakopmund deep inside the desert, on a dry river bed, Hayward’s Luxury Safari Camp was the home base for the GO BIG GMSA Isuzu Launch for over 800 VIP guests during July 2004.

The spectacular site set the scene for one of the decades biggest ever launches. On virgin ground, never before camped, Peter Hayward, CEO of Hayward’s provided the client, General Motors SA with a venue that encompassed all the factors needed for their “Go Big” 2004 Isuzu KB Series Launch. The Hayward’s Luxury Mobile Safari Camp itself stood majestically in a huge amphitheatre commanding views of the weather beaten peaks and all round dramatic desert ambience. From a ride and drive of two hours into camp, passing ancient sand dunes along the West Coast, to dry river bed driving through the Moonscape canyon of the Swakop River, guests for the most part were left aghast with these dynamic and awe inspiring surroundings.

The logistics of the launch defy credibility. The GM marketing team provided 90 x KB series 4x4’s for their 120 guests in 6 groups who were all treated to a 3 day adventure that ensured everyone with an unsurpassed experience in various off road conditions. The luxurious Hayward’s was selected to provide a beyond 5 star “hotel” experience, a world first concept pioneered by Hayward in the early 90’s in extreme places like Sossusvlei, Okavango and the Richterveld.

On closer inspection, the finite detail of Hayward’s is incredible. “Mobilizing over 400 cubic tons of equipment within 14 days is an interesting challenge – especially when it is cross African borders,” said Peter.

So what comprises this world first concept of a Hayward’s Grand Safari Mr. Hayward?

“Our combined fleet of ten Isuzu 8 ton trucks, four KB Series double cabs, two 4x4 Samel Water trucks, four cruisers and two x 20 tons transporters consumed over 20 000 liters of diesel and traveled a combined total of over 65 000 kms. Over 400 tons of equipment consisting of over 38 000 individual items were needed to ensure guests are comfortable, well fed and safe. Hayward’s’ dedicated production crew of four began pre safari planning a mere 14 working days before the date of departure. Back at the Hayward’s Secluded Africa HQ in Johannesburg, Vicci Hayward and Sanet van Vuuren burnt the midnight oil to ensure Hayward’s mobilized on time”, said Hayward.

A grand safari of this proportion handled over 5 800 meals. Peter’s partner in food, Roland Smidt, director of Hayward’s Wilderness Fayre and his able chef crew once again handled the dining creativity with impeccable flair. Guests were left in a state of awe as each evening’s elaborate desert dining was presented by Anita van der Steen, Maitre De of Hayward’s Wilderness Fayre. Together with her Namibian team of waitresses elaborate seven course dinners including phyllo money bags filled with desert Oryx to delectable Swakop fish barbecues left guests gob smacked to say the least - comments ranged from “best ever in any hotel anywhere!” to “how on earth?!”

Food included 2000 fresh Bread Rolls, 420 assorted loaves of bread, 1,000 Croissants & Danish Pastries, 3 tons of Fresh Fruit and Veg, 250 kg Chicken Fillet, 80 kg Oryx, 400 kg Beef Fillet, 200 kg Lamb Chops, 108 Racks of Lamb, 1,500 Fresh Oysters, 110 kg Tiger Prawns, 70 kgs Mussels, 40 kgs Crayfish, 120kg Calamari and well over 3,000 eggs!

Over 400’000 liters of water were transported in from a water source forty kilometers away just for the en-suite hot showers, washing and bathroom ablutions for guests and staff! Laundry turnovers – each group obviously needed fresh linen daily totaling over 9 278 items being washed! Crockery and cutlery washed by a crew of four dedicated ladies amounted to over 80 000 items washed. Last but not least, never forget, Namibia is a dry country, needing many, many liters of liquid to sustain everyone. Over 24 000 drinks were served by our bar crew of four catering students from Namibia, chilled by over one ton of ice.

The crew camp run by Willem Barnard, Peter’s Botswana partner provided a relaxed home for 90 staff with all facilities and three meals a day for 20 days. The crew camp was secretly tucked 400 meters away from the VIP guest camp, keeping 90 staff performing at top level for over 30 days.

Although the reality of such dynamic logistics is impressive, it is more important to remember that it all has to work and end in a positive note. Hayward’s butler teams, stewards and utilities ensure flawless all round safari experience. The guests and clients of GM evaluated their experience across 32 points and the event achieved a 9.7/10 across the board. Graham Edmunds CEO of Africa’s leading Communications Company attended to all the staging, business sessions and corporate communications in their well respected and dynamic way ensuring that each evening entertainment and the stunning reveal of the all new Isuzu enhanced the desert night sky.

A team of 22 artists supported by 15 stage and lighting specialists including Marianne Fassler the renowned designer, created fluid poetry in motion each evening. The logistics of moving 120 guests daily in a variety of Isuzu’s was no mean feat and handled professionally by Tommy Lawson of Out Law Events. Behind the scenes logistical support was supplied by Mr Leander Borg of Lebo Travel in Windhoek, ensuring various permissions and alliances were in place.

“It’s all a huge team effort and an absolute privilege to be part of such a milestone event,” says Peter Hayward. “Without a superb client like GM, able to bring out the best in their suppliers, such an event would be a non starter. This was a GO BIG campaign all round and needed a GO BIG viewpoint from the dedicated supplier team. We are all looking forward to revisiting awesome Namibia and its friendly inhabitants once again soon”

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