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21 September 2004

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Ozone Friendly Tourism


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 "South Africa, and especially Gauteng, could be showing the way in eco- and ozone-friendly tourism." So says Peter Hayward, CEO of Hayward's Luxury Safari Events & Expeditions at the World Ozone Day Presentations, held at Gauteng Tourism's Offices on September 16th.

The purpose of the event, held in conjunction with the Gauteng Tourism Authority, is to highlight the role that tourism plays in the plight of the environment and the resulting depletion of the Ozone. Greg Mc Manus, Managing Director of Qualitour, a company dedicated to creating tourism industry standards for enviro-friendly establishments, presented an overview of where South Africa stands in the world regarding this issue. Ozone Day was originally proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly to commemorate the date, in 1987, on which the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer was signed. Countries are invited to devote the Day each year to promoting, at national level, activities in accordance with the objectives of the Montreal Protocol and its amendments.

The Gauteng Tourism Authority's Lindelwa Isabelle feels that in order to attain its long term vision of being the strategic leader of tourism in Gauteng, the GTA must address the local environmental issues that potentially limit tourism growth. "When the GTA was established in 1997, our mission was clear; stimulate, co-ordinate and facilitate sustainable tourism development and marketing of Gauteng Province, in order to create a world class destination that will attract business tourists and other tourists, benefit our people and contribute to economic growth.

"We will factually not get tourists to Gauteng, much less SA, if we do not clean up our act. We are thus very supportive of partners such as Hayward's who not only are recognized by leading environmentalists as being one of the world's most eco friendly outfits but who also harness local sites, such as the Cradle of Humankind, to host national and international events and launches and thus boost local tourism."

Peter Hayward created the Grand Safari Camp concept over a decade ago to provide corporate incentive and event groups with an authentic African safari event experience. Now, 10 years later, Hayward's is recognized by national land custodians as a leading enviro-friendly operation. "I am comfortable that we have actually attained the goal of being one of Africa's most capable outdoor event establishments, partnering with leading world brands in providing luxurious events in fragile wilderness areas whilst simultaneously keeping a hyper- critical eye on the eco-friendliness of the entire operation. We will continue to remain highly focused on the greater promotion of eco-friendly tourism and low enviro-impact events and would motivate all suppliers and partners to the tourism industry to keep environmental awareness foremost on their agendas and client experiences - this should be a non-negotiable item on which we all agree, ensuring our clients understand South Africa's environmental goals are being taken seriously," says Hayward.

Rod Weinrich, marketing director at Hayward's, feels that it's a win-win for all parties concerned. "Through my involvement with SAACI, the Jo'burg Inner City Redevelopment Program and at National Tourism Level, sustainable environmentally-friendly tourism is high on the agenda to position South Africa as a first-class tourist eco destination." Weinrich continues, "This cannot, however, be done without the direct involvement and support of local and national tourism bodies, tourism operators and industry. We cannot hope to attract tourists to Gauteng when its pollution detracts from the otherwise superb attractions and world class facilities we have to offer."

Lindelwa Isabelle emphasizes, "Ozone Day, being in September, also ties in with SA Tourism Month, which was created to highlight to South African's the importance of tourism for our economy. World Tourism Day on September 27th wraps up our efforts in September and events such as this one go a long way to assist a tourism boom for Gauteng."

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