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Press Release

24 July 2006

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The Grand Safari Experience returns after 100 years to Kruger's wilderness.


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Johannesburg, South Africa
July 2006

One hundred and fifty international VIP's, representing the world's leading luxury good brands, recently boarded Rovos Rail and headed eastward over the edge of the great Drakensberg escarpment en route to one of the world's greatest wildlife reserves, The Kruger National Park.

Whilst guests were sipping on champagne and experiencing a fine overnight rail experience, Hayward's Luxury Safaris & Expeditions (www.haywardsafaris.com) were furiously completing the finishing touches to their award winning Grand Safari Camp, set deep within the parks wilderness area, on untouched and hallowed ground - the first such grand safari camp granted permission in over one hundred years.

This was a camp of dynamic proportions, yet simple and unobtrusive, non-invasive and, of course, presenting exemplary environmental friendliness.

With eighty accommodation tents, a staff village accommodating fifty of us and Kruger's ever present and armed game ranger team taking care of camp safety, all was set to begin a new era in non-invasive tourism within this magnificent park.

With the sun setting over Kruger, guests were escorted off the river sand through a huge leadwood glade and into the magnificently lit camp. To the sounds of a gentle saxophone and ever present hyena's and lion roaring in the distance, they were welcomed to the warmth and safety of the camp fires.

How does one describe the gastronomic eight-course, silver service dining experience, or the array of magnificent Cape wines on offer or the story teller expounding on Africa's ancient history? How does one explain the privilege afforded the guests and the crew - knowing that this was an experience never to be repeated on this sanctified piece of ground again?

Perhaps you know the pleasure of this feeling, the comfort of knowing you have successfully presented Mother Africa in her full glory, the pleasure of knowing you once touched Africa...and she touched you?

For more information on Hayward's in the Kruger go to www.haywardsafaris.com/regions/knp/kruger.html

Or please see our new website on - www.haywardsafaris.com

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