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27 September 2006

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Johannesburg, South Africa
September 2006

Hayward's Safari Events & Expeditions, leaders in big group mobile safari camps, recently announced their most exciting project to date.

At a profound press launch held at Hayward's Safari Sanctuary on Friday 22nd September, Mr. Peter Hayward, founder and CEO of Hayward's announced an exciting new alternative for group/corporate getaways. Present was the current SKÅL International President, Mr. Jan Sunde and his South African executive committee and a select audience of leading South African event organizers.

Hayward's Safari Sanctuary.

"It's now the time that we utilize the powerful resource that companies bring to events in a more focused way," he said. "We can now offer corporations a sustainable safari that leaves behind a sustainable village – a real legacy that the company can incorporate into their social welfare programs at limited extra cost!" he said.

"If one redirects the huge amount of finance companies are willing to spend on budgets to access 'exotic' overnight destinations, and then add this budget to the money spent on prank-filled activities and no-point entertainment 'to spice the event up for the bored delegates,' one has the makings and the budget available to kick start a remote village’s economy and still provide the participants with an authentic wildlife camp experience," Peter stressed.

Ever since their launch in 1999, Hayward's have been guiding their clients into the unique arena of Sustainable Safaris®.

Scenes from the nearby Bushman village in the Okavango.

Once the corporate client has quantified their event activity budget, Peter Hayward, together with a highly reputable project management team, select a region for the safari event that takes into account the client’s budget and time restraints for their planned event. A base for the Hayward’s tented camp is identified nearby the selected village for the event. Peter and his team then commence a delicate collaboration with the village/regional elders to propose a selection of vital projects that will create the ongoing finance needed to mobilize their micro economy.

"A recent client of ours put aside their activities/entertainment budget, which was over a million rand, to rather bring life back into the educational facilities of the village outside Pilanesberg. Over and above the income they generated for the game park whilst encamped with us, they took time to ensure that their two hundred delegates would be getting involved in the lives of the villagers," said Mr. Hayward. "It's an outstanding way to involve the delegates and utilize their vast know-how, as by the time they arrive at their Hayward’s safari encamped on the outskirts of the village (normally in a game reserve or at our Safari Sanctuary in the heart of Dinokeng), the project is at a stage where their input becomes vital. It's a flurry of activity as the teams go about completing the various projects necessary – from bricklaying to food gardens to fish farming, training centers and libraries! Everyone comes away a winner, making this the ultimate safari experience and in fact, brings us full circle back to the first safaris hundreds, if not thousands of years ago, where the cross Africa journey by robust beast and enquiring man was about bringing trade and interaction between tribes and stimulating the economy wherever they went," said Mr. Hayward.

A giraffe strolls past the sanctuary.

Confirming what Mr. Hayward said, Mr. Jan Sunde from Norway (SKÅL President) expressed the urgency in which these valuable types of sustainable tourism projects needed to happen. "It is a fact that more and more international companies are expressly interested in making a difference. One cannot underestimate the role we as tourism leaders have in bringing these types of opportunities to our clients. We cannot continue wasting money on silly pastimes that in no way enhance the event and then leave behind unfavorable impact and a legacy of poor sustainability. If we do not protect our environment or factually assist those that are the custodians of it, there will be no such thing as tourism in the future. Hayward's not only provides an incredibly eco-friendly option for groups, but a dynamic interactive legacy with outstanding international potential," he said.

As originators of the Grand Safari experience, award winning finalists in the Fedhasa Imvelo Awards for Sustainable Tourism in 2004/5, and EIBTM 2004 Best Event In The World award winners, Hayward's certainly have the credibility and the capability of producing outstanding safari events – events that are not only historic but highly privileged for the participants, and which leave behind rare economic viability. What better activity for your next event or travel incentive than a project that revitalizes self respect and a legacy of hope and achievement for thousands of rural villagers?

Now that’s what we call a home grown product of dynamic potential!

Call Peter Hayward to personally plan your Hayward’s Sustainable Safari®.

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