"This has been the highlight of southern Africa I had a wonderful time. God bless" ~ Carrie Anne Stroup Miss USA."
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Extracts from a diary (continued...)

Hemingway, Selous, Rider Haggard or Van der Post - if only you were here! A day filled with adventure.

From Fly Fishing to  4x4 Lion Tracking, Horse Trailing to Hot Air Ballooning, it was action all the way.


Was it this way for you?


 I, however, must confess. I preferred the calmness of the camp, where indulgences such as aroma-therapy, personal tuition in the grand old sport of Longbow Archery and the sanctity of the library with its old Remington kept me fully occupied throughout the day.

With the night cooling to the sounds of Africa, drumming, the warriors appeared. Age old songs of triumph recalled. They danced , we cheered.




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