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28 Jun 2007

The Value Of Total - TOTAL - Safari Event Exclusivity.

How does one value absolute exclusivity? Can one put a price tag on it? Is it measureable? Should a group incentive safari for VIP's, top-end performers or celebrities be held at a venue that offers total privacy to your group only or is it okay to block off a small corner of a venue and hope for "exclusive" service?  
27 Feb 2007

Safari Event Outfitter Wins Prestigious Best Special Event Award.

At the Thebe Meetings Africa inaugural awards function held on Tuesday night at a game lodge in the Dinokeng region just north of Pretoria, Hayward's Luxury Safari Events and Expeditions (www.haywardsafaris.com) walked off with the illustrious "BEST SPECIAL EVENT 2007" award for the role they played in the Toyota launch late last year. 
27 Sep 2006

Sustainable Safaris®…leaving behind a legacy.

Hayward's Safari Events & Expeditions, leaders in big group mobile safari camps, recently announced their most exciting project to date.
24 Jul 2006

The Grand Safari Experience returns after 100 years to Kruger's wilderness.

One hundred and fifty international VIP's, representing the world's leading luxury good brands, recently boarded Rovos Rail and headed eastward over the edge of the great Drakensberg escarpment en route to one of the world's greatest wildlife reserves, The Kruger National Park.
17 Feb 2006

Exclusive Invitation

Only once in a 120 year history does one get the absolute privilege to access the pristine Wilderness areas of the KRUGER NATIONAL PARK - South Africa. 
17 Feb 2006

Hayward’s launch Safari Sanctuary

In an exclusive preview launch during November last year, Hayward’s launched their all new game reserve headquarters - Hayward’s Safari Sanctuary.
18 Jul 2005

Grand Safari Weddings Under an African Sky

The venue for the safari wedding of TV personality Arnold Geerdts and his wife Lily was a luxury Hayward’s Safari Camp pitched on a rhino stamping ground in the Cradle of Humankind, just outside Johannesburg.
12 Jul 2005

Hayward's Grandest Safari yet Launches To International Acclaim

A leading international insurance company recently spent a few days on safari with Peter Hayward in the heart of the acclaimed PILANESBERG big 5 GAME RESERVE just 2 hours north west of Johannesburg.
2 Dec 2004

We are on a Winning Streak

Winners of ‘The Best Event Outside Europe'  (Asia, Africa, America, Australia, ....) and 'The Best Automotive Event Worldwide' (the whole world!)
19 Oct 2004

Grande Safari Dinner Events

Grand Safari Dinners of yesteryear are alive and well - right here on the outskirts of Johannesburg !
01 Oct 2004

Pioneering Safaris Since 1860

Although safari camp supremo, Peter Hayward, has swapped horse and cart for diesel, he still retains the pioneering spirit of his Eastern Cape forefathers, writes Sally Kernohan.
21 Sept 2004

Ozone Friendly Tourism

"South Africa, and especially Gauteng, could be showing the way in eco- and ozone-friendly tourism." So says Peter Hayward, CEO of Hayward's Luxury Safari Events & Expeditions at the World Ozone Day Presentations, held at Gauteng Tourism's Offices on September 16th.
1 July 2004

Hayward’s Grand Safari Returns Triumphant from the Namib Desert

Set 80 kms from Swakopmund deep inside the desert, on a dry river bed, Hayward’s Luxury Safari Camp was the home base for the GO BIG GMSA Isuzu Launch for over 800 VIP guests during July 2004. 
12 March 2004

End Of Ya Safari Dinah

If your crew is in a stew
as regards
the end of ya
party dinah 
12 March 2004

A Rare Safari Season in The Sun

When it comes to choosing a Unique African wilderness experience for your VIP groups, an experience where there is a 98% chance they have never done anything quite like it...then a HAYWARD's Luxury Tented Camp Safari has to be something every man and woman dreams of. 
12 March 2004

What safari dreams are made of....

The Land Rovers bump and grind over the hard, red earth of the narrow rutted track winding higher and higher over the sweeping, rugged grassland of the Kromdraai conservancy. A kudu, merged into the patchwork of shadows and crevices under the deepening shade of an Acacia stills her browsing and watches the intrusive procession.
12 March 2004

White Nights on the edge of Black Reef...

During April and May this year, HAYWARD'S LUXURY SAFARI CAMP comes home to the Cradle of Humankind. Having just completed an adventurous Big 5 safari in the Pilanesberg National Park for a VIP Group of Japanese executives, we are now heading for our next camp site where we will be running a series of exciting events.
15 January 2004

Who Cares About The Weather When You Can Follow The Sun?!

Kick off the year with a CITY SLICKERS "catch a wake-up" program, complete with cowboys, horses, cattle, wildlife, caves, rivers and ancient tribal folklore, right here in the Cradle of Humankind (WORLD HERITAGE SITE) where it all began 1.5 million years ago...talk about "back to basics !" We don't mess around. 
30 Nov 2003

Five Nights, Five Themes, Five Flights

Way back in the 70's, I camped in the Great Karoo desert, in the Oudsthoorn district of South Africa. I camped there for about a year, with 2000 of my buddies! Two thousand started and only 200 ended. It was my "baptism of fire" as regards canvass, heat, dust, toilets and screaming Sergeant Majors!
30 April 2003

A whale of a Safari - A whale of a Time

Boredom is not an option! What with meeting Zulu's, chasing huge whales, fishing for marlin, horse trailing amongst the herds, guided walks with Park Rangers and kayaking with hippos and crocs, it is a big, very big, African safari experience. What's more, this safari is in a MALARIA FREE region!
17 October 2002

Talking Safaris

As we head into the final few months of 2002, I'm sure many of us could do with a "Stop this World - I Wanna Get Off!" breakaway. It's been a mammoth  year all round. Even the animals out there seem to have felt it!
23 August 2002

An Earth Summit Safari...
Earth Summit Big 5 Safari  in the Shambala Private Reserve - home of the Nelson Mandela Centre for Reconciliation

From the 30th August - 5th September your VIP guests can experience an evening around a campfire in the company of world leaders - just one
reason that sets this safari apart.
6 June 2002

Hayward's African Eclipse Safari 2002
For a once-in 375-years occasion!

This rare experience awaits you in a vast private nature reserve (Big 4) in the Northern Province of South Africa, where luxury safari outfitter, Peter Hayward, will create a safari of supreme proportions for only one select group!
5 May 2002

Expedition Into The Pilanesberg
Big 5 Safari Camp Experience - Pilanesberg South Africa

Africa's most profound big group safari now available in the Pilanesberg National Park!
30 January 2002

Hayward's African Eclipse Safari 2002

Early in the morning on 4 December 2002 (one year from today!) the shadow of the moon, racing across the valley at seventeen hundred kilometres an hour, will engulf the Place of the Great Baobab.
30 January 2002

Hayward's African Eclipse Safari 2002

Early in the morning on 4 December 2002 (one year from today!) the shadow of the moon, racing across the valley at seventeen hundred kilometres an hour, will engulf the Place of the Great Baobab.
30 January 2002

Nelson Mandela's opening of his Centre for Reconciliation

With 80 Miss World's in tow and a further 120 international business tycoons, the stage was set for a safari of dynamic proportions! Featured artists included Abigail Kubeka, PJ Powers and the Umojo Dancers. It was truly an honour being in the presence of Madiba and his most personal friends and family.
2 July 2001

African Footprints Across The Mists Of Time...

For the past 5 days we have safari'd on the edge of the Kruger National Park. Hampered by the ever-present hippo, crocodiles and a pride of stray lion. I say hampered, of course, with full acknowledgment to these beasts on whose territory we are encroaching - not them on ours!
27 June 2001

Sumptuous "White Mischief" Safari Dining…

Africa provides the catering team of Hayward's Wilderness Fare with an overwhelming choice of culinary delights, infused with East African magic, spicy and original, whilst maintaining and enhancing the ambience of decadent luxury.
25 June 2001

Expedition to find the palace of the great lost city of Africa
Africa's most profound big group safari is now available in the Pilanesberg National Park!

"This is a major breakthrough in our quest to provide the incentive and group conference industries with a truly unique safari experience, said a jubilant Peter Hayward, proprietor of Hayward's.
20 April 2001

Exclusive Safaris into World Heritage Sites

Hayward's Luxury Mobile Safari Camps is honoured to be able to offer our agents and their clients exclusive arrangements in some of Africa's most sought after regions - and what's more, they probably represent some of the world's most affordable exotic safaris into World Heritage/National Heritage sites!
12 April 2001

Outfitting the ultimate safari

Over 1000 VIP guests were kind enough to rate their overnight experience at Hayward's. What is particularly interesting is that not one guest arriving at our welcoming station had any idea they would have to "camp" overnight with us. The look of astonishment on their faces is a cherished memory - as many of them would never consider the safari tent option!
28 March 2001

African Opera and the African night.
"An evening at Hayward's"

From the moment the candles of the infamous Hayward's Gin Tent are extinguished there is a hushed silence brought on by the thick mist of the West Coast as it permeates through the flickering lanterns of the camp. It's at this point that one becomes suddenly aware that something unique about this evening is about to unfold.
26 March 2001

On Safari with Hayward's - BMW appoint Hayward's for West Coast National Park...
"In search of man's first Footsteps"

117'000 years ago a woman strolled down from the coastal dunes towards the edge of the great inland lagoon known today as Langebaan... She crossed the trail of some wild antelope and walked on along the waters edge… Her footsteps and those of the small antelope were solidified in the silt one finds at the edge of the lagoon and then gently covered by fine sea sand blown in from the sea... It against this incredible backdrop that Hayward's have come to host the BMW X5 Launch. 
22 March 2001

Hayward's Heads for the West Coast of South Africa - The saga continues!

I always am thrilled at the drive from Johannesburg down through the Free State and into the Karoo. It is a landscape that has so much aesthetic beauty and somehow with its endless nothingness offers so much to those that just stop for a minute and look. It is a long journey though - especially in a 8 ton truck at 90 kms/h the whole way. About 24 hours long to be exact.
8 March 2001

Into the Cradle of Humankind

From the moment our guests disembark from their luxury Bavarian 4x4's (approximately 800 meters from camp) and begin their leisurely amble down an ancient hand-built mountain pass, they soon realise something totally unique is afoot.
February 2001 The biggest Mobilised Safari Expedition in the history of African safaris begins...
On being appointed as the preferred accommodation venue in a bid during April 2000 to host the BMW X5 Launch, Hayward's Luxury Mobile Safari Camp set about planning the world's biggest safari ever conducted.
January 2001

Is Hayward’s Luxury Mobile
Safari Camp The ultimate safari incentive property?

Built in honor of the last 100 years of adventure, romance and elegance of the Great African Safari, Hayward's Luxury Tented Safari Camp has re-defined the word "ultimate" for unique and exclusive incentive properties.


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